[BACK TO ‘NORM’] Why Power Generation Is Dropping Again

  • power21
  • The modest gains recorded in the power sector over the past three months are being threatened by the activities of pipelines vandals, which have led to the fall in electricity generation by 356.8 megawatts within the last three weeks.
  • Power generation climbed to an all-time high of 4,810.7MW on August 25 this year, but latest figures from the Presidential Task Force on Power showed that it had fallen to 4,453.9MW as of September 16.
  • Power generation had peaked at 4,655.2MW on September 9, but this was not sustained due to vandalism of electricity and oil infrastructure, as it fell to 4,453.9MW seven days later.
  • In fact, the daily average energy produced by the power generation companies as of September 16 was 3,896.08MW/hour, while the daily average energy sent out was 3,808.86MW/H.
  • Peak generation capacity was 7,588MW, while the forecasted peak demand for the country was put at 12,800MW.

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