About Eloka Finance Consult


Eloka Finance Consult is a personal finance blog dedicated to providing you with real time stock market news, investment insights and expert analysis of current micro and macro economic trends that affect your investment decisions. A daily visit of this blog is recommended, as it will keep you informed and up to date on the recent developments in the fast paced world of finance, thereby giving you an edge and equipping you with invaluable tools to help you make the right decisions and gain the maximum value possible from your investments. Simplicity of expression is upheld while explaining complex financial issues. This blog can thus be regarded as “THE LAYMAN’S BLOG FOR FINANCE AND INVESTMENT”. The principal consultant and editor-in-chief of the blog; Olisaeloka Nnamdi; is a chartered accountant and an expert in corporate finance and investment banking.


EMAIL: olisaelokannamdi@gmail.com

TWITTER:  Olisa Nnamdi @NnamdiOlisa

GOOGLE+: Olisaeloka Nnamdi

FACEBOOK: Olisaeloka Nnamdi

LINKEDIN: Nnamdi Olisaeloka

PHONE: +2348086529837

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